Service Company – Contractor Audits

Have you experienced contract cost over runs that no one can explain or have concerns regarding a service company? A comprehensive contract audit strategy can help you gain control of current problems and avoid concerns in the future.

The award of a contract is only the beginning.

It is essential for all parties to a contract to realise, from the initiation of the agreement, that it is best practice to regularly perform contract audits from day one, in order to identify, associate, and monitor performance of contractors. We can provide an effective means of implementing an audit program that will provide you with confidence in what you are paying for and what you are receiving.

Almost everyone experiences cost or time over-runs during one’s professional life. And whilst some are very clear and easily resolved, some are less so. Sometimes, no one knows where the money went, no one can explain the over – use of strictly limited resources, and no one can explain why projected costs and actual costs are so glaringly different.

But we can. professionals work exclusively in the energy and resources sectors and are familiar with many of the major vendors providing services to the industry. service company audits, offer our clients the added assurance that their suppliers are fulfilling the terms of their agreements.

Using our exemplary skills in the Energy and Resource Sectors, we are fully conversant in industry specific operations, and we know we can help you. We understand how contracts work, we understand the importance of communication between contracted parties, and we are fully aware of desires of both to deliver on the contract, whether terms are implied or specific. We have performed audits on the following types of service companies:

  • Helicopter and aircraft providers
  • Work boats (wet and dry charter)
  • Inventory suppliers
  • Rig contractors (on and off-shore)
  • Drilling companies
  • Engineering companies
  • Rig construction
  • Equipment rental
  • Personnel suppliers
  • Travel providers
  • Maintenance and industrial services

We go out of our way to learn about the uniqueness of your own contracts, and best to deliver on them. And our mediation and arbitration team can help with any significant concerns. Contact us today about any concerns you may have regarding your service companies or to view Service companies we have audited then click here.

You can read more about Service Company audits by downloading our whitepaper here.