Joint Venture Protective Audits

Have you wondered how your organisation would survive a Joint Venture Audit?

Have your non-operating partners given notification of their intent to perform a JV Audit?

You need confidence during participation, you need a management team that is confident of the outcome, and you need to ensure that you have the right provisions in place to mitigate risks. This can only be a reality if there are early detection mechanisms and specialist trouble-shooters in place to achieve your objectives from the audit – that’s where come in through its logical and clear methodologies and experience can be of service to your company. A Joint Venture Protective Audit is an ideal way to proactively manage the potential outcomes, and surprises, from a JV Audit.

We perform a JV audit on you, for you, based on our in-depth knowledge of performing Joint Venture Audits on Operators, industry experience, professionalism and methodology outlined in our Joint Venture Audit white paper (click here) section critical to achieve your objectives from the audit.

An internal JV audit report will be provided to your management team to proactively manage identified areas that can be improved or better delivered. This can be of benefit to all organisations that wish to effectively and comprehensibly build excellent relationships with the non-operating partners.

To learn more about our Joint Venture Protective Audit Services and how we can help you please contact us or to see a list of Oil & Gas companies we have audited or provided services to, please click here.