Track Record

The Difference is a Proven Track Record

We have a proven track record, more details of which are in our Corporate Resume.

  • Successful completion of over 50 Non-Operator Joint Venture Audits
  • Alliance reviews resulting in negotiated recoveries of over AUD $12.1 million, enhanced process improvements, and strengthened financial control environments.
  • Identification of the operator’s failure to process foreign exchange gains to the joint account in excess of US$7.5 million. Prior non-operator joint venture audits failed to identify this systematic processing error due to the complexity of the Operator’s Enterprise Resource System, the Operator’s inter/intra company transaction processing of centralised accounts payable, and the inability of the auditors to drill down (follow the transaction flow) of the data, as is possible with ACL. The aggregate, agreed audit recoveries were in excess of US$14.5 million with a final negotiated cash settlement of US$10.8 million
  • Identification of US$16.2 million of over-charging from Operator requiring documentation and preparation for legal action in the International Court in Brussels
  • Overhead recovery review resulting in recoveries of over US$8.5 million and a revision of corporate/regional office processes by the Operator
  • Contractor reviews, which have identified overcharging in excess of US$2.5million
  • Internal Audits that have resulted in process improvements and strengthened financial control environments.