Joint Venture Audit

The knowledge from our team combined with proven Wolverine methodologies, ensures that our clients always receive high quality Joint Venture Audit services.

Your Partner in Joint Venture Audits

If you are facing challenges with the operator of your joint venture, or simply want to ensure that all costs billed to you are accurate and valid, then you may require a Joint Venture Audit (JV Audit) provided by

An audit is only as effective as the individual auditors representing your interests. understands that ‘tick-a-box’ style auditing is simply not acceptable in today’s commercial environment. We know there can be very big differences between Compliance Audits, Internal Audits and Joint Venture audits – differences that other auditors do not realise, as they try to fit everything into the same product. This means of course that significant information may be missed or overlooked by those without the specific knowledge exclusivity of Industry that has harvested over the decades.

Wolverine delivers more than just an audit report; we provide in-depth industry knowledge, experience, and professionalism critical to achieve your objectives from the audit. We have extensive global experience in delivering the following:

  • Licence audits (exploration, development & production phases)
  • Pipeline & tariff audits
  • Overhead/cost recovery audits
  • Production allocation & reservoir surveillance audits
  • Reviews of Joint Venture Operating Agreements
  • Audit preparedness
  • Subject matter discussions

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Uniquely, the protocols for initiating and conducting JV Audits have not been formally established by the Industry, although guidelines exist, as created by Industry Setting Organisations on all continents. This means that there is still a lot of space between the rules, for errors or value judgments to involve themselves. has a unique methodology to deal with these, and provide you with real, efficient and effective outcomes.

We perform services on the entire audit process – from the selection of audit to participate on, preparation work, execution and follow-up. Throughout the audit process, we always focus on adding value for our client. Our experience is also that the audit findings, on average, far exceed the costs involved in performing the audit.

You can rest assured, that when you select as your partner, you are selecting an organisation with a comprehensive and unique understanding of the industry, and an organisation that can provide a complete service delivery.

You can read more about Joint Venture audits by downloading our whitepaper here.

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