Fraud Investigation and Forensic Accounting

Our experts can help to investigate, analyse and resolve potential crises. Or better yet, provide forensic accounting services up front to prevent issues arising.

Stop a problem becoming a crisis. Or, better yet, provide forensic accounting up front to stop the problems from ever occurring.

As forensic accountants, we utilise an understanding of business information and financial reporting systems, accounting procedures, evidence gathering and investigative techniques in order to perform our work and present findings and recommendations. In short, providing valuable assistance in putting together the pieces of a financial puzzle.

Our Managing Partner is a Certified Fraud Examiner with extensive experience with Government and the private sector, at a multinational level. Not only can we investigate fraud, but we can also investigate possible or actual breaches of contract, or contractual disputes.

Examples of fraud investigations we have undertaken include:

  • Investigation of international employee fraud of $1,200,000 for publicly listed company (Australia/Singapore/Hong-Kong)
  • Whistle blowing investigations
  • Investigation into employee corporate credit card fraud
  • Investigation into potential tender irregularities
  • Special investigations
  • Investigation of employee financial misappropriation

There is nothing more important than trust in an organisation, and you need to ensure that you can trust your team, your partners and your numbers. We can provide you with discreet, effective and highly ethical solutions to you, no matter what your concern may be today and recommend actions that can be taken to minimise future risk of loss. Contact us  for a confidential discussion, or you can read more about Fraud Investigations by downloading our whitepaper here.